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How to add Facebook Pixels in Your Website

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Blog, Tutorial

Have you ever wonder why you keep seeing the same website on facebook ads after you visit them? Or perhaps check that product and decided not to continue? Then when you open your facebook, either in desktop or mobile version, you saw the same website or the same product as ads. Coincidence? Nope. The new Facebook pixel makes conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing easier and those website you saw are using the Facebook Pixels.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel target your audience.It is an analytics tool that allows you to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. You can use pixel data to: Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people or retarget your audience once they leave your website.

Creating Your First Facebook Pixel

In your Facebook account, select the down arrow in the far right of the menu. From here select Create Ads.

This opens the Ads Manager. Click the hamburger menu (conveniently labeled Ads Manager) in the upper left corner.

Select Pixels under the section labeled Events Manager. It will open another page with a green button labeled as “Set up Pixels”, waiting for you to click it. Now go ahead, follow the instructions to the popup.

Once your setup is complete.


We need to get our Facebook pixel ID. Select Email Instruction to a Developer. Don’t worry, we will only copy the Pixel ID, its the easiest way and you can spot it directly comparing to the other options.

This opens a modal that provides the code and instructions. We’re going to copy the Pixel ID here, so you can ignore the instructions it gives you. Paste your Facebook Pixel ID in notepad or any text editor you are convenient with. Once, you have copied the Facebok Pixel ID, press “back” button then click Manually Install the Code Yourself. 

Go ahead and close the modal. But don’t close this page yet.

Add Facebook Pixel to your Website with PixelYourSite (FREE Version)

An even easier way to add Facebook pixel to your site is with a plugin called PixelYourSite. This plugin adds your Facebook pixel to your WordPress website without you having to handle code, editing scripts, or adding actions to events.

Go ahead and add this plugin in your wordpress website by navigating to your Plugins -> Add New -> “PixelYourSite” in the search bar.

Enter your Facebook Pixel ID in the Add your Pixel ID section.

Even though events are enable automatically, you can add your own events to any page from the dashboard. Simply go to Events tab, click “Add New Event”, and make sure to tick “Activate Events” and save your settings.

Verifying Your Installation

You can test your installation by using a Google Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper. In Chrome, select the settings (the three dots in the upper right corner), hover over More tools, and click Extensions. Search for Facebook Pixel Helper and click Add to Chrome.

That’s it. Hope, I have help you how to install your Facebook pixels.