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Divi Custom CSS now on Front-end

by | Feb 26, 2017 | Plugins | 8 comments

I have grown fond of Divi Theme, who else doesn’t like it? It is very versatile in editing or even adding every section of your website. However, something is missing. Even when the front-end editor is added. That’s why I have created a lightweight plugin that add extra functionality for admins (only for administrator accounts).

Imagine, every time you have some custom CSS that needs to be save, you have to go to the backend, locate Divi theme options, then navigate to custom CSS to save that tiny code you have. Then finally, you have to refresh the page just to see the CSS code you saved!

Not anymore! Introducing Divi CSS, now you can save your custom CSS on the front end. Works only for administrator and it is very light-weight. See the image below for the files.


Download Divi CSS